5 Things About Virtual Dentistry

5 Things About Virtual Dentistry

Jan 04, 2021

Over the years, dental healthcare has greatly improved. One of the improvements is virtual dentistry. You can now get dental help without having to visit our clinic. A virtual connection is all you need when it comes to this dentistry option. It offers a wide range of dental services. Your dentist will diagnose, and give you tips for optimal oral health.

This dentistry option will save you the costs of having to physically visit your dentist. In this article we will take a look at this dentistry option and give you all the facts about it. Read on if you want to experience virtual dentistry.

1. What is Virtual Dentistry?

This is a dentistry option that allows our dentists to give you the dental attention you need virtually. It won’t be necessary for you to visit our dentist. The dentist will be on the other end to listen to you and give you the care you need.

Virtual dentistry is effective and you will get the dental care you need. The dentist will examine your teeth and recommend a physical visit to our clinic if need be. Our dentists are available for virtual dentistry sessions. You will get help and prevent your dental issues from getting out of hand.

2. Scheduling a Virtual Dentistry Appointment

At Palmieri dentistry we offer virtual dentistry appointments. If you have a dental issue and can’t reach our clinic go for a virtual dentistry. You can schedule a virtual appointment with us on our website. On our virtual consultation page, fill out the form, and we will reach out to you.

Our team will come up with convenient time for your virtual dentistry session. We will use a secure conferencing software for your appointment. You can have the appointment via a smartphone, tablet or a PC. You will only need to follow the prompts to start your session.

3. Is Virtual Dentistry Secure?

We ensure your privacy during your virtual appointment. Your data won’t be stored. The channels we use are encrypted. You shouldn’t worry about your privacy when it comes to virtual appointments. We will ensure your privacy and give you the dental care you need.

4. Benefits of Virtual Dentistry

Virtual dentistry has several benefits to patients. Here are some of the reasons why Dr. Roberto Palmieri recommends this dentistry option.


Virtual dentistry provides convenience to patients. It eliminates the necessity of traveling to a dental clinic. Our dentists can give you feedback on your current treatment through a virtual connection. The dentist will also be able to evaluate progress of the treatment during your virtual appointment. Your questions about your ongoing treatment will be answered by the dentist.

With virtual dentistry comes flexibility. Since most patients will be having virtual appointments, dentists are more flexible with having physical appointments. This means you won’t stay for long when you come in for a physical appointment. A virtual dental appointment will save you a lot of time and will be good for your tight schedule.

Lowers the Healthcare Costs

The dental healthcare costs are low for patients that use virtual dentistry. You will spend less on virtual dental visits than physical ones. Since it is easier to have a virtual dental visit than a physical one, you will achieve optimal oral health. Optimal oral health reduces the chances of serious dental issues which are always costly.

Easier Access to emergency Dentistry

Virtual dentistry offers easier consultation in case of emergency dental services. You will get instant advice on how to handle the dental emergency when you make a virtual consultation. This may be useful in some cases where taking the right action can help in the treatment of the dental issue. Any dentist in Mooresville will recommend virtual dentistry when it comes to emergencies.

Difference Between In-Office and Virtual Appointment

In-office dental appointments require a patient to physically visit the clinic to see a dentist. Virtual dental appointments on the other hand are conducted remotely via conferencing software. In office dental appointments are necessary for dental procedures and cleanings. If you need to consult and have a dentist check your treatment progress, virtual appointments will work for you.

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