Benefits You Can Get from a Smile-Makeover

Benefits You Can Get from a Smile-Makeover

Oct 12, 2020

Are your teeth stained or discolored? Do you have a gummy smile? Are missing or chipped teeth making you hold back your smile? Despite the tooth aesthetic problem you have, a teeth makeover by your dentist in Mooresville, NC, would give you the appearance you desire.

For dramatic outcomes, teeth makeover treatments combine more than one cosmetic dentistry procedures. Before the procedure, your dentist will examine your mouth and discuss your expectations, thus developing a custom treatment plan for you.

What Are The Procedures In A Teeth Makeover?

Apart from the procedures in a teeth makeover being cosmetic, some can be restorative. Therefore, these procedures can repair damages and defects that affect your appearance as well as teeth functionality and your oral health.

The cosmetic dental procedures in a teeth makeover include:

  • Teeth whitening to remove dullness, yellowing, and superficial stains
  • Dental crowns to repair badly broken or stained teeth
  • Dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth as well as provide anchorage for dentures or dental bridges
  • Porcelain veneers anchored in-front of your teeth to correct issues on teeth gapping, chipping, and deep staining
  • Dental bridges for replacing one or more missing teeth
  • Invisalign ® to correct teeth misalignments


The following are the benefits of a smile makeover:

Comfortable and Aesthetic Smile

Maybe you are not happy with your appearance and haven’t discussed it with anyone for the fear of being judged. Sometimes, you might talk about your insecurities to a friend, and they won’t understand. However, you can get help in restoring your aesthetic appearance through one or more cosmetic dental procedures.

Your dentist will address all the issues that might be affecting your smile, such as staining, discoloration, gapping, misalignment, or missing teeth, thus enhancing your smile. With a bright, white, aligned, and correctly-shaped teethafter the procedures, your self-confidence and esteem will be boosted.

Excellent First Impression

The first thing that a person you’ve met for the first time is the appearance of your teeth once you open your teeth to speak to them. In some jobs, an aesthetic smile is a significant attribute you should have. In sales and marketing, a client or customer will likely be convinced if your smile is aesthetic.

Therefore, with a beautiful smile, you will be a bonus that helps you secure such jobs. Also, people get attracted to you if you have an aesthetic smile during dates.

Offers Streamlined Treatment

When creating your treatment plan, your dentist works on optimizing the time you need for all the treatments. Therefore, the comprehensive procedure combines all the procedures you require, and your dentist will perform them in an order that makes sense.

In a case where you need teeth whitening and dental veneers, your dentist will first perform a teeth whitening procedure to ensure that your dental veneers match the natural color of your teeth. Our dentist at Palmieri Dentistry will discuss your aesthetic goals before developing a treatment plan for you.

Improves Your Oral Health and Functions

Apart from improving your smile, a teeth makeover has other benefits such as enhancing your oral health and the functions of your teeth. Some cosmetic dental procedures can also be restorative. By repairing or replacing broken, chipped, or missing teeth, the restorations improve your bite and chewing ability.

Broken teeth can lead to the entry of micro-organisms, causing infections and the need for more invasive procedures such as root canal therapy. Also, missing teeth lead to bone degradation, hence with a replacement, you prevent bone loss.

Enjoying a Variety of Foods

Do damaged teeth affect your appearance as well as your ability to enjoy your favorite foods? You don’t have to panic, since during a smile a makeover your dentist will address the issue.

Some of the issues that limit you from enjoying some foods, especially hard ones, include missing, broken, decayed, or chipped teeth. You are likely to feel pain when biting or chewing, but with dental procedures such as dental crowns, implants, veneers, and bridges, your dentist addresses the problem.


With a teeth makeover, you will get to enjoy several benefits. Some of the benefits are involved with improving your appearance while others enhance your oral and general health. Therefore, you should consider going for a teeth makeover soon.

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