Is Veneer a Good Alternative to Crown?

Is Veneer a Good Alternative to Crown?

Mar 01, 2021

Veneers and crowns are both excellent dental restoration methods that make your tooth look and function better. A significant between the two is that the veneer covers only the tooth, while the crown covers the tooth entirely. The veneer implant procedure is costly, however.

However, all other implant procedures are expensive too. Hence, you should find out which one is best for you. Both veneer and crown have a high success rate.

Veneer vs. Crowns

A veneer is a thin layer made of porcelain or other substance. The thickness is always higher than one millimeter. It is bonded to the front of your existing tooth.

On the other hand, a crown has a thickness of two millimeters and covers the tooth. It may be made of porcelain alone or with a combination of porcelain and metal alloy. It may comprise metal alloy alone.

The use of either method will be determined by your tooth’s condition and what you want to fix. Some of the conditions for the use of either implant procedure are

  • Broken, cracked tooth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Crooked teeth

Both implant methods are matched to your teeth, except the complete metal crowns.

What is a veneer?

Veneer covers only the front part of the tooth. They are not as comprehensive as crows because the preparation allows more of your original tooth untouched.

The procedure is started by ground down to roughen the surface to enable bonding of the veneer. However, the newer kinds of veneers don’t require as much grind of the tooth surface as the older models. During the grinding, you may need an anesthetic for the process because it is slightly painful.

For the process to work correctly, your tooth needs to have enough enamel for a veneer to bond to it. A dentist can give you a temporary veneer placed on your tooth till the new one is ready. Your teeth will only make the minimal movement of the tooth after a veneer is put on it.

What is the crown?

A crown covers the whole tooth. A crown needs more of the tooth to be filled or ground down to prepare for the crown to be placed. If you have tooth decay, your dentist will get rid of the tooth’s decayed part before placing the crown.

This will require your tooth to be built up so it can support the crown. Your tooth may require to be built up if it is based. It would be best if you had a local anesthetic for this implant.

Before you get a crown implant, your dentist will produce an impression of your tooth digitally or by making a mold. He will send the image or mold to the lab for the fabrication of the crown.

A temporary crown can be given till the permanent one is ready. Then, they will cement the new one in place.

How to know which procedure is best for you

If your tooth has a large filling, a root cancel, or cracked, a crown is the best course of action. Alternatively, if your tooth is intact and the restoration is for appearance purposes, a veneer is the best option.

Cost of each procedure

Both procedures can be costly. Each cost differs, depending on the size of your tooth, where it is in your mouth, and the cost of each dentist nearby demands.

For example, veneers cost approximately $925 to $2500 for each tooth. The use of porcelain veneer is more expensive than the rest. On the other hand, the crows cost at least $1000 to $3000 for each tooth.


Besides, there are other tooth implants. For example, you can compare veneers vs. lumineers. To save on the cost of each implant, you need to find out the cost of dental implants in your area.

For example, call a local dentist near you.

For example, if you are in Mooresville, Nc, you can visit Palmieri dentistry or Dr.Roberto Palmeri.

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