What Is It?

What is Digital Smile Design?

It is a process to help you visualize your dream smile.

Your smile is created thru the use of videos, photos, app and digital scans/molds of your teeth. With this info we can create and test drive your future smile and make sure that you love it before doing anything to your teeth.

The process

We will take all the records on our first consultation, and in a few days later we will present and test drive the new created smile.

The work

The team will use the records to create a digital simulation and a 3D wax-up, which will represent the possible changes that you would like to see and what actually can be done. This will be the treatment phase where we create a plan and a visual transformation of your new smile.

The try-in

At the try in appointment, we will test drive the newly created smile over your teeth, take new photos and videos. It will give us and you the opportunity to see the “WOW” changes on a big screen and compare the before and after.




The final phase

Once you accept the “mockup” try-in phase we will schedule for the actual work. It will take two appointments to do the actual work. On the first appointment we will prepare your teeth, take all kinds of records and send you home with the new temporaries’ restorations. At the second appointment we will try-in the new restorations and once approved do the final delivery. A few weeks later will bring you back to take final portraits photos to future you on our website.




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